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Our Studio

Studio Information

Our friendly atmosphere is obvious when you walk through the door.  You will be met by a clean, open lobby area, fit with seating, information boards, and of course our welcoming Dance Works team.

Dance Works is proud of our three studios, all equipped with state of the art Harlequin Floors, (a special manufactured floor to give controlled slip resistance providing great protection for dancers due to its point-elasticity and slip-resistant dance surface.).  Our customers often comment on how clean and neat we keep our facility!

Studio A

A spacious 1000 square foot studio, fitted with Harlequin Floors, approximately 30 feet of mirrored wall, 30 feet of double permanent ballet barres, and studio equipment.  This studio is also used for Showcases and Rehearsals.

Studio B

A state of the art studio with over 800 square feet, fitted with Harlequin Floors, approximately 35 feet of mirrored wall, 25 feet of double permanent ballet barres, and studio equipment.

Studio C

A smaller quaint studio, with over 450 square feet, fitted with Harlequin Floors, approximately 30 feet of mirrored wall, and studio equipment. This studio is also used for Private Lessons, Birthday Parties, and other special events.

“Virtual” – Dance Works offers virtual training including Live classes and pre-recorded classes during times when the facility is not open. 

Dancers are able to store their shoes and bags in the cubbies provided in the studios. 


The Lobby

Our clean, friendly lobby is equipped with a reception area, bathrooms, and information boards.  Families are able to come in to drop their dancers off and pick them up. Although the lobby is not closed to families we prefer to reserve this area for Dancers.  A TV monitor is in the lobby to enable parents to sneak a peek at what is happening in the studio.  We ask everyone to please be vigilant and try to keep crowding and congestion in the lobby minimal. (See Change of Classes).

While classes are in session, we ask that you please be quiet and respectful in the lobby area. Unattended minors are not permitted in the Lobby. Dancers are asked to put their belongings in the provided cubbies. Dancers with two classes back-to-back in different studios are asked to take their belongings with them. Please do not touch items that are not yours! Do not bring valuable items to the studio. Dance Works is not responsible for your personal belongings. Be sure to take ALL your belongings with you after your classes. Additionally, we do have a small refreshment bar, available in the lobby with an honesty pot for cash only please.

The TV Monitor in the lobby is used for the live studio feed, The camera is only a live feed – we are not recording the picture. The live studio feed will NOT be on every week. We have a set schedule for the showings, so please do not request the TV to be turned on. We have to leave some surprises for when you see your dancer at Visitors’ Week! Please be respectful of others and DO NOT take pictures of the classes on the TV monitor. Always refrain from making negative comments about any things you may see.

The Dance Works Store is located through the door to the right as you enter the lobby. Please ask for assistance at the front desk or make an appointment, for anything in the Dance Works Store. Minors are not permitted to be in the Dance Works Store unattended.

Lost & Found

Unfortunately, we frequently find Lost & Found items at the studio. We encourage everyone to put names in all items that are brought to the studio and check around for all personal items before leaving. Lost & Found basket is located in the Ladies Bathroom, behind the door. All Lost & Found items not collected after a few months will be donated or thrown away.  Any items at close of season will be held over the summer and if not collected by September 15, will become the property of Dance Works.


We have 2 large bathrooms; men’s and women’s that have multiple stalls and more sinks.  We encourage dancers to be changed and ready for class before they arrive at the studio, although it is possible to use the bathrooms to change.  Please remember NO dance shoes are to be worn outside. Remember, these areas at Dance Works are shared space with other dancers.  Be respectful and considerate to fellow dancers, and other families at all times.

Please note that the Men’s bathroom has multi-purpose uses. It allows our staff to enter for cleaning products in the storage closet and also to be used as a family bathroom to allow fathers to help their dancers change into their dancewear.

Renting & Studio Use

The Dance Works studios/facility can be rented on an hourly basis.  External companies may request the usage for dance rehearsals, classes, auditions, workshops, etc.  Dance Works members are able to book the studio for birthday parties.  (See Birthday Parties for more details).  Dance Works dancers are NOT permitted to use the space, after/before classes, without the approval from Miss Emma or the presence of a Dance Works teacher.  Contact us to request the use of the studio and create a rental agreement

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