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Dress Codes & Apparel

A dancer’s dress code is very important to ensure that all students are focused on dancing and ready for their class.  Having all dancers in the correct attire, (including hair styles) is not only for safety, it shows formations and allows teachers to see and correct appropriately.  Hairstyles affect dancers balance, turns, leaps, and follows the dance discipline mirrored all around the world. 

We enforce four strict rules:

  • No outdoor shoes are to be worn in the studios
  • Dance shoes are NOT to be worn outside
  • Names MUST be written in all items
  • No jewelry to be worn in classes (only stud earrings are permitted)

Always take care of your dance wear & dance shoes and be sure to take all your belongings with you!

Song & Dance Mommy & Me

Please wear something that is easy to move in. Socks or soft (clean) shoes. Ballet Shoes will be required by the end of the season for the performance. No outdoor shoes are permitted in the dance studio.

All Ballet Classes

Option #1: Black dance leotard (long/short sleeve) with or without skirt, Revolution Natural/pink tights, matching pink leather ballet shoes. Hair neatly pulled back in a ballet bun, hairband for short hair. No big sparkly skirts as it is often too much of a distraction.

Option #2: Black pants or shorts and (fitted) white t-shirts with black or pink leather ballet shoes.

All Tap Classes

Option #1: Black dance leotard, black tights (Revolution Natural/pink ballet tights if you are coming straight from ballet class), black jazz pants or black shorts, black tap shoes. Hair neatly pulled back.

Option #2: Black pants or shorts with (fitted) white T-shirt and black tap shoes.

All Jazz, Musical Theater, Lyrical, Contemporary Classes

Option #1: Black dance leotards, black tights (or Revolution Natural/pink ballet tights if you are coming straight from ballet class), black jazz pants or black shorts. Black jazz shoes for Jazz and Musical Theater.
Skin tone Lyrical Shoes (Revolution “Sole Shields”) and Skin tone footless tights for Lyrical.
Skin tone Lyrical Shoes (Revolution “Sole Shields”) or Skin tone Dance Socks, with Skin tone footless tights for Contemporary.

Hair neatly pulled back.

Option #2: Black pants or shorts and (fitted) white t-shirts with black jazz shoes for Jazz and Musical Theater. Skin tone Lyrical Shoes or Dance Socks for Lyrical and Contemporary.

Adult Classes

Please wear something you are comfortable in when moving and working out. 

Adult Ballet: Leather ballet shoes

Adult Tap: Black tap shoes

*Sweatpants and Dance Works Apparel are NOT permitted during classes.


Dance Wear Store

The Dance Works Store is off the lobby. Dance attire and shoes run differently from regular sizes. Our sizing kits along with our experienced advice allow us to determine the correct size for your dancer.  Please ask for assistance at the front desk for anything in the Dance Works Store. Children are not permitted to be in the Dance Works Store unattended. All Dance Wear/Shoe sales can be posted to your account, but must be paid immediately.

On occasion Dance Wear is also available to purchase via your Dance Works online account, the item will then be ready to pick up at the studio.

Dance Wear & Shoes

We sell dance wear at Dance Works for all your dancing needs at great prices!  Most dance attire and shoes are accurately sized at our studio, are kept in stock, and can be taken home immediately.  If we do not have the item in stock, it will be ordered and delivered within a few weeks.  All dance wear items must be paid for in full when purchased/ordered. 

Open House (end of August) is a great time to come in and get all the required dance wear.  We do continue to sell dance wear throughout the dance season until the middle of May.  Dance wear sales will STOP the last 4 weeks of the season.  The “last orders” will be placed in the middle of May. At this time, everyone must have correct shoes and enough pairs of tights to last until the end of the season.  

We sell “Natural” tights that color match perfectly with the “Classical Pink” color ballet shoes. Traditionally the color of the tights and shoes should be matching to present a seamless line.

No refunds or exchanges can be made for ANY items.  If you receive a defective item from Dance Works that has NOT been worn, please bring this item in and see the front desk.

Please note:

  • We do not sell the ballet shoes with ties at the front “Piggy Ears” for our younger students. Any students wearing these type of shoes, the ties will be groomed to avoid distraction in class and painful heels, due to pulling them too tight.
  • No big sparkly skirts, as it is often too much of a distraction in class.

Dance Works Apparel & Other Items for Sale


We have several items available with the Dance Works logo.  T-Shirts, tank tops, hoodies, etc. are all available to purchase in the Dance Wear Store.  Some seasonal items will be pre-ordered.  All apparel items must be paid for in full when purchased/ordered.

Refreshment Bar:

Throughout the season, we have a range of snacks- including bottled water, Gatorade, and hot drinks- available to purchase at the front desk.  These are available to everyone and there is an honesty pot for your purchase, CASH ONLY.  We appreciate your honesty.

Other Items:

Throughout the season, we make other items available for your purchase at your convenience. For example:  Dance Works magnets, Ballet bun hair supplies, gifts for performances, and items for events. These will be cash only as well.

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