There are many lines of communication put in place, for both dancers and their families, to keep “in the loop” with what is happening and to receive all the valuable information at Dance Works.


We will release a monthly newsletter that is always filled with vital information, important dates, and news – a must read! October is the only month you will receive a paper copy of the newsletter.   After that, to help the environment, the newsletter will be emailed to you directly, can be referenced on our website, and a few paper copies will be available at the studio to read while you wait for your dancer.


We will send out emails regularly with information and updates.  Dance Works receives a great deal of emails daily.  Please allow 48 business hours for us to reply.  We do try our very best to reply sooner.  If you are replying to an email we sent, please be sure to change the “subject line” so we can easily distinguish your matter of concern.


The Dance Works website is always up to date with important files, current and past newsletters, and other vital information for you.  Please visit the website to find answers to your basic questions prior to contacting the office, as many answers to these questions can easily be located on the site:

Social Media

We have a variety of social platforms depending on your preferred choice. Updates are sent out along with fun photos of our dancers. We also have a Dance Works Family group page on Facebook, which gets a little more info about specific Dance Works happenings. This is also a place where you can ask questions, advice, and get answers.

Please take a minute to follow us on the following social media sites:





Google Calendar

Our events, and important dates are posted to the Dance Works Google Calendar.  Simply search for the calendar titled “2018-2019 Dance Works” or request a link to be sent via email. Add to the calendar on your mobile device or Google App.

Front Desk

Feel free to “check in” with one of the Dance Works team members at the front desk during your dancer’s class and ask about important updates or any questions you may have.

Information Board

An information board has been placed on the wall on the left of the lobby with current updates and information.

Check With Your Dancer

Reminder to check with your dancer at the end of class as stickers or important papers may be sent home.

Studio Phone

Text messages and phone calls will be answered and replied to as efficiently as possible during the studio business hours (Mon-Thu 9am – 8 pm, Saturdays 9am – 3 pm).  The studio can get busy during open hours and we are often not able to answer the phone.  If you call, please leave a voicemail with your name and message and we will return your call or email you as soon as we can.  If you do not leave a voicemail, we will not return your call.  There are unfortunately too many telemarketing and sales calls on the log to distinguish which is a student number! 


The studio will not take phone calls the week leading up to the recital due to the amount of preparation and focus we must give to producing the show.  Please forgive us in advance but, know that all the information you will need will be included in your recital family package and in emails/ newsletters.

Text Messages

The studio phone number does also receive text messages.  If you need to send a quick message or notification, for example, if your dancer is sick, just simply TEXT it to us during business hours.  Although, we may not have the time to reply right away, we will be notified of your message.

Personal Meetings

If you wish to speak to a Teacher or Staff member personally, you must request to schedule an appointment.  A meeting will be held as soon as possible with the persons involved. All meetings will take place with a minimum of two members of staff. Documentation will be filed of the meeting, and kept confidential.